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The Essential, The Incredible: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Backpack

Difficult to make it more emblematic in its genre than the work of Hirohiko Araki. Whether through his emblematic drawings, his famous characters, his story or his memes. Jojo has never ceased to mark our generation and the world of manga. Indeed, it should be remembered that the manga has made the incredible sum of 100 million prints. While maintaining record longevity.

As a reminder, the manga was first released in 1986 and continues to be published today!. Are you a JoJo fan too?. We have something you might like!

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Crazy Adventures of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Backpack

Impossible not to have heard the iconic music, not to recognize the name of the story written by Hirohiko Araki. Indeed, it is undeniable that this manga is now registered in the pillars, the references whether in animated or in paper format.

With its history that combines longevity and popularity, the adventures of Jojo’s bizarre adventure backpack will have convinced many fans around the world. The many characters in the work have also become emblematic, like Josuke, Jotaro and Dio. If you are a fan of the Jojo series, we have something for you like Jojo Bizzare adventure shoes, Jojo shirts and Jojo Body Pillow!.

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