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4 Top Reasons Why JJBA Is One Of The Greatest Anime


There are indeed several distinctive aspects of anime that we crave; things it accomplishes differently than other types of media. Although some people enjoy a more exciting and intellectual tale, others prefer the typical friendship and life-lessons storyline. JoJo responds to both demographics while including mindless pleasure and violence, giving it its uniqueness. However, based on the substance offered by JoJo, one can conclude that the anime/manga is a cult classic. Is this, however, the case? Let us take a look.


JoJo’s Phantom Blood – Jojo Merchandise four reasons to go JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is widely regarded among the most well-known and iconic manga series of all time. With the manga reaching the 30-year publishing milestone in 2017, the tale has yet to conclude. With almost 100 million copies sold to date, the argument that JoJo caters to a tiny number of individuals is demonstrably incorrect. But we’re not here for the manga, are we?

All anime fans are familiar with JoJo from its ostensibly “first” anime release in 2012. While this sentence has some truth, it is not correct. Another Push Pin Planning studio took the opportunity of animating the manga for the first time in 1993. The series was created as an OVA series named JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure, which did well. The opinions were mostly positive, but not outstanding. The visuals improved over time as more OVA shows were published, but it lost the ‘oomph’ to distinguish itself from other anime.

In 2012, a revival of the anime started airing, propelling JoJo to popularity. However, one has to ask what makes the anime so amazing. If you’re on the edge about whether or not to watch the series, this prime reason could assist.

The plot is Dramatic and Thrilling

Jonathan Joestar and Dio Brando star in an introduction to the Joestar household at the beginning of the narrative. The term “JoJo” is given to the majority of JoJos based on their initials. Moreover, Dio is Jonathan, the original JoJo, who discovers a terrible mask that transforms Dio into an eternal monster. Thus begins the ultimate conflict and the foundation for the entire JoJo heritage plot.

With Dio having murdered his adopted father, Jonathan sets out on a mission to bring Dio to justice once and for all. Even though he accomplishes his purpose, the tale takes viewers by surprise by resurrecting Dio, killing Jonathan, and seizing his corpse.

Isn’t that crazy? However, each anime narrative arc jumps in time and introduces the JoJo of that period, charting their experiences with them. As a result, the title — JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures — was chosen.

With each arc, the characters and narrative get larger. Eventually Jonathan, his grandson Joseph Joestar takes over as the main character. Joseph embarks on a journey to fight the prehistoric vampiric beings known as the Pillar Men, and he is successful. Joseph lives on, but his grandson Jotaro Kujo, the series’ poster character, becomes the new JoJo.

With the emergence of a new position of power as a Stand, Jotaro embarks on an intercontinental journey to find and kill Dio, accompanied by his grandpa and companions. Marking the termination of Dio’s rule, Jotaro encounters Joseph’s illegitimate son, Josuke. Both JoJos embark on a functionalization adventure to find a serial murderer with Stand abilities. Ultimately, for the time being, the show delves into the dramatic storey of Giorno Giovanna and a mafia-based scenario in Italy. It’s a joy to see writer Hirohiko Araki come up with new concepts for characters and adventures, each with his distinct art direction.

Attractive Characters

The JoJo series, on the other hand, is widely renowned for its strange yet fascinating characters. The programme does not disappoint, from funny, fascinating individuals and interactions to harsh life-or-death circumstances. Rather than following the typical trend established by most shounen anime, Araki employs a unique strategy. Not only would the JoJos appear, but so do the side characters, and the amount of growth each character receives is remarkable.

Jojo has it all, from Jonathan, a mild-mannered guy with a golden heart, to the delinquent yet ferocious Jotaro Kujo. The fandom is evenly divided on their preferred JoJos, demonstrating how well-written the characters are. Similarly, the villains must not be neglected. After running multiple votes for the top favourite JoJo characters, several made it to the top ten list, which may surprise you! Dio Brando was also ranked higher than some JoJos.

Furthermore, the supporting characters were remarkable. With the inclusion of characters such as Speedwagon, Avdol, Polnareff, and, most recently, Bruno Bucciatari, these personalities are too difficult to let go of.

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Vocal Acting and Soundtracks

Overall JoJo and his weird adventures series have presented us with stunning and unforgettable soundtracks. Even from the first entrance tune, Sono Chi No Sadame, until the ninth opening theme, Traitor’s Requiem. The introductory theme songs alone have received over 100 million views on venues such as YouTube.

Additionally, with a wide variety of musical genre blends, the soundscore differs with each JoJo, enhancing their features. Jonathan’s mild and moral demeanour earned him classical music, whilst Jotaro and his demagogue demeanour earned him a more rock-themed soundtrack.

Fans and non-fans of JoJo have praised the lately renowned Golden Wind from Giorno’s arc. Thus, contributing to the majesty of JoJo and how it has drawn millions of non-anime fans into the world of anime. Furthermore, it would be remiss not to acknowledge the outstanding work of the voice actors. These people are in charge of bringing these characters to life and immersing us viewers more into the anime. And, without a question, they delivered. Another part of the anime that deserves mention is the staff’s attention to detail with the bleeps.

Even though the 2012 version featured outstanding sound effects, the production crew has only improved immensely with each story arc.

Art and Animation Style That Is Unusual

When the first OVAs were published in 1993, JoJo’s animation was seen to be on a level with larger competitors like Dragon Ball Z, but on par does not always equal excellent. With the release of the 2012 reboot, JoJo unleashed its now-signature animation style, leaving fans demanding more.

The animation style, rather than the animation quality, was what made the animation spectacular. David Productions, the company in charge of animating JoJo, did an excellent job at adapting the original content. As a result, Araki’s talent exudes from the animation.

The animation consists of cliché battles with terrible dialogue, yet that’s what makes JoJo so appealing. It takes on cliches that most anime deem repetitive, but adds a dash of Araki’s originality to make it feel distinct. All fights, from the smallest foe to the main adversary, are full of fascinating and dramatic turns that will have you on the edge of your seat. Furthermore, this is where the outstanding character writing comes into play, varying each character’s fighting style and combat tactics. For example, Joseph with his shrewd nature would astound even the most astute opponents by guessing their future moves.


Classics like Death Note and Code Geass introduced many viewers, including me, to the world of anime. Previously, it was the Dragon Ball series, as well as other long-running anime such as Naruto and Bleach. However, the tendencies have begun to shift once more. Jojo is currently one of the few series that fans may recommend to their friends if they want to go into the world of anime. Though the first several arcs of JoJo did not garner the same amount of love and admiration, the writer and production team worked hard to improve, making JoJo one of the finest anime to this day. Jojo Merch offers a wide range of high-quality products like Jojo Posters, Jojo Keychains, and Jojo Pillows.

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